A Nation of Children

It should serve as no shock that the United States Government is currently shut down. Sorting through the convoluted sea of opinion and spin is remarkably tiring and often leaves you more unsure than when you began. I don’t plan to delve into this, but you can voice your opinion on the matter below.

What I wish to discuss is the juvenile way this has been handled, perhaps by both sides. The Republicans have flipped  the board in a tantrum, and the Democrats refuse to help pick up the pieces. “But we didn’t make the mess!” We didn’t ask who made the mess, we just want it cleaned up.

PB tableflip

Luckily our media provides a wide array of thoughtful opinions on the matter, full of rational solutions!

How did it get like this? I mean sure, there will always be passionate disagreement, and this isn’t the first shutdown, but is there anyone who thinks this will be over anytime soon?

But to put the blame on our elected officials is erroneous, because it is us that put them there. Either by choice or apathy. So often people vote for candidates who support ideals and programs in direct opposition to said voter’s benefit. Is it the accepted vernacular of doublespeak that prevails in higher office? Is it a direct effect of our educational system? Or do people just lack the motivation to research? Tell me what you think.

This is what I mean by a nation of children. A large portion of us never graduate into adulthood. As a member of a democracy, it is the responsibility of an adult to take part in the process. This doesn’t just mean voting, but researching candidates, and the issues of our times. But who has time for that? Between a career (or two), kids, the stress of debt, and what’s on tv; its very easy to lapse into a state of complacency.


So what happens then? You put your trust into the “expert” politicians, who claim to have your best interests in mind. This is not to sound cynical, as I think many politicians get in it for all the right reasons. Its the system that is at fault. Virtue is only rewarded on an aesthetic level, and corruption gets you to the top. So what specifically do you see wrong with our political system, and what do you think can be done about it?

Let me know what your thoughts are on the subject!


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