Attack on Titan

Despair, its one of those words that has escaped our societies need to exaggerate. Sure you may be amazed, or fascinated, or maybe its epic, but we still have despair.

And in the world of Attack on Titan, that’s about all they’ve got. Let me get this out of the way, I liked Attack. I almost loved it. It has a fresh world, great action, and supporting characters you actually care about. Mainly because you know they are probably going to die soon.


In Attack on titan, humanity has been cornered into one city, cowering behind its monstrous walls. Granted, this city is the size of a small country, but still. Why you ask? Well if you were to peak over those walls, you would quickly notice the towering behemoths with the goofy grins. Titans. And guess what’s for dinner?


This is the biggest element of Attack on Titan, the shear terror and despair wrought by these seemingly unintelligent creatures. Though that is interesting, its not enough to make a great show on its own. Where Attack shines is the mastery with which it brings your hopes back up, only to crush them even lower. Combine that with cliffhangers second only to the Berserk finale, and you’ll find yourself at the end of the playlist by dawn.


But all of this isn’t what kept me engrossed. It was the mystery of this world. Humanity knows almost nothing (or the characters are told nothing) about the titans. This leads to a lot of WTF moments, and you genuinely want to know more about this particular fuck. A lot is hinted at, and left to interpretation. Even the origins of the Titans is a complete mystery, they just showed up one day, ready for lunch.


I said earlier that I almost loved the show. You see, the thing is, Attack on Titan succumbs to what I call “Based on Manga Syndrome”. In a manga, you are often forced to use lots of verbal exposition, and that’s perfectly ok. However when transferred to animation, it seems like bad writing. The old “Show, don’t say” becomes underused. This is mainly only a problem early on, when we’re still getting to know our main characters. However those who have watched may recall a certain cannon waiting 10 minutes for the main characters to finish discussing what could have been said in three sentences.


To a degree, this can’t be helped, but it still takes away from the experience. Beyond this bugaboo, I was upset to see “him” gain a superpower. However I think the existence of this kind of ability will make the world much more interesting.

As for the sound, action, and animation,  all are superb. There really isn’t much to say here. The animation sometimes uses still images, but I encourage this. I think they look wonderful, and give the narrative a feeling of legend. I’m not going to touch on the characters, as I feel like I should wait until they’ve developed more.


Overall, I strongly recommend checking out Attack on Titan. You can watch the entire first season on Hulu for free.

Am I right, or am I a steaming pile of idiot? Tell me what you think below.


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