Surreal World

Surrealism is a style of dating back to the early 20th century, with roots in post WWI France. It is one of the most easily recognizable styles, even to laypeople like myself, and has had a massive impact on the world of art and entertainment. But is our world on the verge of becoming a Surrealism Masterpiece?

Not to be reproduced

Just a disclaimer, I’m not an artist, so my interpretations should be considered as such. To me, the meaning of art is not defined by the artist, but by the individual who views it. If you wish to tell me what Surrealism means to you, please do so below.

The essence of Surrealism is that it is…. surreal. It provides a glimpse into the subconscious world of the artist, and brings out something truly fundamental to our souls, for all the world to see and interpret. Freud would say they use their Ego a bit more than they would like to admit, but I’ll let you decide for yourself on that.


However Surrealism belonged to a time that was… dare I say.. normal? At least by today’s standards. They had impressive technology no doubt, but in such a short time we have developed internet, space travel, computers in the palm of your hand (and watch, and glasses), entire virtual worlds, robots, and so much more.

To the unaccustomed this could seem downright… surreal. (tired of that yet?) We are surrounded by a world we could only describe as crazy. Up is down, down is left, and who knows where the center is. So does our daily life take away from what makes Surrealism so powerful? When you can escape into entire worlds at a whim, how much of an effect can a painting have?


So perhaps Surrealism will evolve, and become what is now truly abstract. Paintings of people with open minds, working together to solve issues, and loving one another for no reason other than that they’re alive. (Hippie drum circles in the distance)

What do you think? Is my interpretation of Surrealism wrong? How do you think the style will evolve? And what aspect of life that shouldn’t be surreal, but is, strikes you most?


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