Final scene between Spike and Jet

This is one of the last scenes of Cowboy Bebop, and the last with Spike and Jet. (Spoiler) Julia has just been killed by a Syndicate hit squad, and Spike is going to try and kill Vicious (his former partner when he was in the Syndicate,  and now the leader of it.) aware that he’ll die in the process.

He comes back to the Bebop (the ship) one last time, and Jet cooks him up some of his famous Bell Peppers and Beef, without the beef.

I think its an amazing scene, all the more so because they both know its they last time they’ll see each other.

Hope you enjoy it.


Here is the follow-up scene with Faye.


Attack on Titan

Despair, its one of those words that has escaped our societies need to exaggerate. Sure you may be amazed, or fascinated, or maybe its epic, but we still have despair.

And in the world of Attack on Titan, that’s about all they’ve got. Let me get this out of the way, I liked Attack. I almost loved it. It has a fresh world, great action, and supporting characters you actually care about. Mainly because you know they are probably going to die soon.

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Serious Business

Animation plays a large role in modern entertainment. Family Guy, South Park, Pixar, American Dad, Venture Bros., The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, and many others.  But why is it that televised animation is a medium reserved only for comedy in western society? The one exception to this possibly being South Park, which mixes in some topical social commentary. Do we correlate animation with children, or is it just a lack of desire on the part of the viewer?

To me, the highest level of excellence in western animation is Pixar. Not just for their technical skills, but for their ability to craft powerful tales enjoyed by all ages. Reminiscent of the great Disney films of the previous generation, such as Lion King, they channel powerful themes in a way even a child can understand.

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