How many tutorials, must a man sit through…

Hey there, I’ve been pretty inactive lately while I’m working on my Unity project, but I decided to jot down a little bit on the subject of online learning. More than ever in history, the people have access to information. The internet is as big a revolution as the printing press, and will change the world forever. But is it really a valid form of education?

Good will hunting

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High Scores

I’ve spoken of how the medium of video games is often underused in regards to storytelling, however there is another oppurtunity where it so often fails in its endeavors. The realm of education. Extra Credits did a great piece on this, which I will link at the bottom, in which they talk about Tangential learning as opposed to the more traditional shove it down your throat education. But my question is, could video games be the future of science experiments in classrooms?

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